How to Draw a Mean Tiger Roaring Growling Stalking 15

Step 15: Lightly sketch the tiger's eyeballs inside the head as two small circles. Use the construction lines as guides for the placement of the eyeballs. When you get the placement and size right, darken the lines. Above each eye, draw a diagonal line for the top part of the eye shape. As you draw these lines, use quick, short strokes to represent fur.

Now draw the bottom portion of the eye shape by using a series of dark lines. On either side of the eyeball, draw a pointy triangle-like shape to represent the eye's corners. Add the rest of the eye shape to the eyeball on the right using the same technique. Use small, dark, triangle-like shapes on either side of the small circle to create the eye's corners. The outer corners of the tiger's eyes should point up, while the inner corners should point down toward the muzzle.


How to Draw a Mean Tiger Roaring Growling Stalking 16

Step 16: Now draw the detail inside the eyes. First draw a small dot inside the middle of each eye. Next to each pupil, draw a very tiny circle to represent glare. Shade the inside of the eyeballs except for the tiny circles that represent glare. As you shade the tiger's eyeballs, use a value that's lighter than the pupils. You can also add a dark value at the top and a lighter value at the bottom for a gradient effect.


How to Draw a Mean Tiger Roaring Growling Stalking 17

Step 17: Draw the tiger's nose near the bottom edge of the muzzle by first lightly sketching a triangle. When you get the size and position of the triangle right, darken the lines. Use a series of quick, short strokes to draw the furry top of the nose. Add a vertical line on either side of the nose that points to the eyes. Draw the sides of the nose and add the nostrils using a few curved lines. Draw the bottom part of the nose using a few short lines.


How to Draw a Mean Tiger Roaring Growling Stalking 18

Step 18: Use the bottom part of the initial oval as a guide to draw the top part of the growling tiger's open mouth. Use quick, short strokes as you follow the path of the oval to create the furry muzzle. Now draw a series of curved lines within the oval to represent the wrinkles on the face. These wrinkles should start on the outer edges of the initial oval and curve in toward the nose. Don't add too many of these curved lines, just a few to emphasize the growling face. Keep the wrinkles near the top, close to the eyes, and within the nose. Don't draw them at the bottom.


How to Draw a Mean Tiger Roaring Growling Stalking 19

Step 19: Draw the top row of teeth using triangle- like shapes under the muzzle. First draw a long, thin triangle-like shape on either side of the mouth for the tiger's canines. Now closer in toward the middle, draw two more triangle-like shapes for the smaller teeth. Add the rest of the teeth in the middle using very small oval-like shapes.

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