How to Draw Cute Cartoon Raccoon


Please PAUSE the "How to Draw a Raccoon (Cartoon)" video after each step to draw at your own pace.


Written step-by-step video tutorial:


For the first few steps, don't press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.


How to Draw Cute Cartoon Raccoon 1

Step 1: Draw two short, curved, horizontal lines for the top part of the raccoon's eyes. Sketch lightly at first and only darken the lines when you get the shape of the small arcs right. Add a line under each arc for the bottom part of the eyes. Don't draw the eyes too close together.


How to Draw Cute Cartoon Raccoon 2

Step 2: Inside each eye, draw a tiny dot for the pupils. Draw the pupils close to the right edge of each eye. Above each eye , draw a broken, curved line for the raccoon's eyebrows.


How to Draw Cute Cartoon Raccoon 3

Step 3: Below the eyes, off to the left, lightly sketch a small circle for the raccoon's nose. When you get the size and placement right, darken the nose but make the bottom pointier. Add a small line at the bottom of the nose and two shaded ovals on each side for the nostrils.


How to Draw Cute Cartoon Raccoon 4

Step 4: Under the nose, lightly sketch a curved line for the mouth. Continue to draw the line on the left side and curve it up toward the eye to create the raccoon's muzzle. When you get the shape of the muzzle right, darken the line. Use short strokes as you darken the lines to represent fur.


How to Draw Cute Cartoon Raccoon 5

Step 5: Starting at the left side of the muzzle, draw a series of angled lines for the left side of the raccoon's head. The angled lines should be similar to the letter V on its side to represent fur. Draw a similar set of lines to the right of the muzzle for the other side of the head. The small V- shaped lines for the fur should be farther away from the muzzle than the left side. Don't draw the sides of the head too high up. The tops should end at about eye level.

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