How to Draw Water Dragon Fictional 10

Step 10: Darken the initial top arc but make the left end pointy to create a beak-like tip. When you darken the bottom edge, add three small, triangular lines on the right side for the water dragon's teeth. On the right most side of the top jaw, draw an extra-long, curved, spike-like shape for armor.

How to Draw Water Dragon Fictional 11

Step 11: Use the arc on the bottom as a guide to draw the water dragon's lower jaw the same way. Darken the top edge of the arc but on the left side, draw a few small, triangular shapes for teeth. Darken the bottom edge of the arc but extend the right side into the head and curve the line up for the strong jaw.

How to Draw Water Dragon Fictional 12

Step 12: Draw a few lines inside the mouth for the other side of the water dragon's jaw, the tongue and a few more teeth.

How to Draw Water Dragon Fictional 13

Step 13: Draw three thin, long, spike-like shapes along the initial circle's right edge for the ear. Sketch the lines lightly at first to get their shapes right. You can make them as long or as short as you want. The top and bottom spikes should slope toward the middle of the water dragon's head. The middle spike should be straight. Draw a couple of curved lines between the spikes to form some webbing.

How to Draw Water Dragon Fictional 14

Step 14: On the top, right side of the head, draw two curved lines that come to a point for the water dragon's first horn. You can make the horn longer if you'd like. The bottom edge of the horn will be hidden behind the ear.

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