How to Draw a White Samoyed Puppy Dog 10

Step 10: Lightly sketch the samoyed's eyes inside the head as two small ovals. Use the initial lines as guides for placement. When you get the position and size of the eyes right, darken the lines. Make the sides pointier. Add some curved lines above and below the eye for extra detail. Use short strokes for fur. Darken the eye on the right too but make the shape narrower because the dog's head is turned. The inner corner of the eye should point down toward the muzzle. Add some lines around the eye for detail.

How to Draw a White Samoyed Puppy Dog 11

Step 11: Inside each eye draw a dot for the pupils. Shade the eyes except for a tiny circle off to the side to represent glare. As you shade the eyes, use a value that slightly lighter than the pupil. Use a value that's darker at the top and lighter at the bottom to give the eyeballs a rounder feel. If your drawing is too small, you can skip the glare circles and just shade in the entire eye. Add a few short strokes around the dog's eyes for a fur-like texture.

How to Draw a White Samoyed Puppy Dog 12

Step 12: Inside the samoyed's muzzle, near the right side, lightly sketch a small oval as a guide for the nose. When you get the position and size of the nose right, darken the shape. As you darken the right edge of the nose, curve the line inward to create the nostril. Curve the left side of the shape inward too for the other nostril. Add an extra curved line at the end to make this nostril a bit wider. Make the lower half of the dog's nose narrower and add a pointy shape at the bottom.

How to Draw a White Samoyed Puppy Dog 13

Step 13: Below the nose, draw a line that stretches to the left for the dog's mouth. Darken the left tip of the line and use short strokes along the path to represent fur. The line for the mouth should curve up near the lower point of the nose. Add a line below for the samoyed's lower lip.

How to Draw a White Samoyed Puppy Dog 14

Step 14: Use the initial small circle as a guide to draw the samoyed's muzzle. Follow the path of the circle on the right side and use short strokes to create the muzzle. Make the shape narrower. Draw a line below the mouth for the lower jaw. Make the left side curve more for the jowls.

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