How to Draw a Cold Winter Ice Dragon 10

Step 10: Lightly sketch a small oval inside the head, near the middle, for the eye. When you get the size and shape right, draw a curved line at the top for the ice dragon's brow. Darken the bottom part of the eye so that its shape is similar to a diamond. Above the eye, draw three pointy, triangle-like shapes for the thick, spiky brow. Draw another set of pointy spikes on the right for the brow on the other side of the head.


How to Draw a Cold Winter Ice Dragon 11

Step 11: Darken the top part of the arc and add a pointy shape along the edge for the ice dragon's nose. On the inside, below the eye and to the right, draw a small line for the nostril. Now draw a line that extends toward the eye and that has a pointy spike above the nostril.



How to Draw a Cold Winter Ice Dragon 12

Step 12: At the front of the mouth, draw a series of spiky lines for the ice dragon's teeth. The front part of the teeth should be similar to the letter M. Add more spiky teeth on the left side but follow the overall shape of the muzzle. Draw a sloping line that stretches to the left to make the mouth longer. On the far left side, draw more spiky shapes for the rest of the dragon's teeth.


How to Draw a Cold Winter Ice Dragon 13

Step 13: Below the front teeth, draw a small diamond for a spike on the chin. Darken the rest of the initial arc to create the ice dragon's lower jaw. Darken the line above the eyes to create the top part of the head. Along that line, draw a series of triangles for more spikes. Don't make these spikes too big. Leave room on the sides for the dragon's horns.



How to Draw a Cold Winter Ice Dragon 14

Step 14: Add the big horns on the ice dragon's head by first drawing a curved line to the left of the eye for the base. Now draw a long, wavy line that almost touches the tip of the wing on the top left. Draw another wavy line at the bottom that completes the cone- like shape of the dragon's horn. Draw the horn on the other side the same way. The tip of this horn should point the opposite way. The bottom of this horn will not be visible. Don't overlap the spikes as you draw it.

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