How to Draw Dalmatian Puppy 10

Step 10: Lightly sketch the eyes inside the head as two small ovals. Use the initial construction lines as guides for size and position of the eyes. When you get the size and position right, darken the dog's eyes. The eye on the left should have a small line on the right side for the top of the muzzle. As you darken the shapes of the Dalmatian's eyes, make the sides pointier like footballs. Add a few short strokes around the eyes for a bit of fur.


How to Draw Dalmatian Puppy 11

Step 11: Draw a couple of lines inside the eyes for the irises. Shade the inside of the irises using a medium value. As you shade the iris, leave a tiny circle blank to represent glare. Shade the eye on the right the same way. Don't forget the tiny glare circle! Use a darker value for the middle of each eye for the Dalmatian's pupils.



How to Draw Dalmatian Puppy 12

Step 12: Add the dog's nose by first lightly sketching a small oval inside the muzzle. Place the nose on the left side, overlapping the edges of the guides a bit. When you get the size and position of the oval right, darken the lines. Curve the side of the nose inward and make the tips thick to create the Dalmatian's nostrils. Use short strokes at the top for a fur-like texture. Make the bottom of the nose pointier and add a short vertical line inside.


How to Draw Dalmatian Puppy 13

Step 13: Add the mouth by first drawing a short line under the nose. Curve the line to the right to create the first part of the top lip. Make the line a bit wavy. Draw a shorter wavy line on the left side for the other side of the top lip/mouth. Darken the left edge of the initial circle guide for the side of the Dalmatian's muzzle.



How to Draw Dalmatian Puppy 14

Step 14: Draw a line from the nose to the eye on the left for the top part of the muzzle. Use the circle as a guide. Draw a wavy line under the mouth for the dog's chin/lower jaw. This line should be somewhat parallel to the mouth. Use a few short strokes for fur.

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