Draw Giraffe 15

Step 15: Use the initial lines as guides to draw the rest of the giraffe's body.

Draw Giraffe 16

Step 16: Draw the giraffe's tail using the line as a guide. Use long strokes at the bottom to represent the hair at the end of the giraffe's tail.

Draw Giraffe 17

Step 17 (optional): For a cleaner look, erase as much as you can of the initial guide lines. Don't worry about erasing all the guides. It's okay to leave some behind. Also re-draw any of the final lines you accidentally erase.



Draw Giraffe Final

Final Step (optional): This giraffe looks nekkid! Quick, draw the patches! Start with smaller blotches on the giraffe's head. They're not spots, just random shapes along the jaw. Then start drawing bigger shapes as you progress down the giraffe's neck. The patches aren't any particular shape, but they are a bit angular like pentagons. Think of the shapes as puzzle pieces that could interlock but don't quite come together. Add the shapes randomly. Each individual giraffe has a unique pattern, so don't overthink it. If you really want to be accurate with your giraffe drawing, remember to PAUSE the video or use reference to get the patches just right. The patches get smaller the farther down the legs they are.

You can add some shading to give your giraffe drawing more dimension and volume. Pick the direction of the light source when shading so that the shadows are consistent with it. Add a cast shadow underneath your giraffe. This helps ground the giraffe so it doesn't appear to be floating.

You can add more value throughout your giraffe drawing for extra detail. Vary the pressure on your pencil to get different degrees of tonal value.

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