How to Draw a Golden Retriever Dog 10

Step 10: Draw the golden retriever's nose inside the muzzle by first lightly sketching a small oval. Place the oval in the top left side of the small initial circle. Darken the sides of the oval and add two big dots inside for the nostrils. Use quick, short strokes to darken the top edge of the nose for the fur found there. For the bottom part of the nose, use lines that curve up toward the middle. Add a V-shaped line under the curved lines for the very bottom of the dog's nose.


How to Draw a Golden Retriever Dog 11

Step 11: Under the golden retriever's nose, draw a long line that stretches to the left for the first part of the upper lip. This line should dip down near the middle, then curve back up. Use quick, short strokes near the right edge. Now draw a shorter line on the left side for the other side of the upper lip. Draw a line that stretches from the top of the nose to the eye on the left for the top part of the muzzle.

How to Draw a Golden Retriever Dog 12

Step 12: Under the top lip, draw a long curved line for the golden retriever's tongue. The tongue should stretch toward the outside of the initial circle. Add a line in the middle for extra detail.


How to Draw a Golden Retriever Dog 13

Step 13: Add the inside of the dog's mouth by first drawing a small triangle-like shape to the right of the tongue for the canine. For the gums, add a long wavy line to the right of the canine that stretches to meet the top lip on the right. Add a second wavy line almost parallel to the first one right below it to emphasize the dog's thick gums. Draw a couple more short lines to the right of the nose, under the gums, for the rest of the golden retriever's mouth.

How to Draw a Golden Retriever Dog 14

Step 14: Use the angled lines on the sides of the head as guides to draw the golden retriever's ears. Follow the basic path of the guide on the left but use quick, short strokes to represent fur as you darken the lines. Now darken the guide on the right to create the other ear. Use quick, short strokes for the fur. As you darken the shape of the dog's ears, make the sides more wavy and the bottom edge rounder.

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