Draw a Growling Grizzly Bear Walking 10

Step 10: Lightly sketch the grizzly's eyes inside the head as two tiny circles. Use the initial lines as guides for placement. When you get the placement and size of the eyes right, darken the lines. Darken the outer sides of the circles a bit to create the corners of the eyes.

Add a series of lines around the eyes for the surrounding fur. Use quick, short strokes as you draw the fur to give it a more fuzzy look. Inside each eye, draw a tiny dot for the pupils. Shade in the eyes except for a very tiny circle that represents glare. As you shade the eyes, use a value that's slightly lighter than the pupils. Darken the lines a bit more or add more value if you need to.


Draw a Growling Grizzly Bear Walking 11

Step 11: Draw the grizzly's nose inside the muzzle by first lightly sketching an oval. The top edge of the oval should touch the top of the guide, but the bottoms shouldn't touch. When you get the oval's placement and size right, darken the top edge using a wavy line. Add a couple of small curved lines inside the shape for the nostrils. Darken the sides of the bear's nose using curved lines as well. Darken the bottom edge of the nose by using a couple of lines and shade the inside of the nostrils.

Draw a Growling Grizzly Bear Walking 12

Step 12: Use the initial shape around the nose as a guide to draw the growling grizzly bear's muzzle. Use quick, short strokes as you follow the basic path of the guide to represent fur. As you draw the bottom part of the shape, make sure the lines on the sides dip down lower than the guides.


Draw a Growling Grizzly Bear Walking 13

Step 13: Draw the top row of teeth directly under the muzzle. Draw the grizzly bear's canines on either side of the mouth as long triangle-like shapes. The teeth in the middle are a lot smaller and more square-like. Draw the row of teeth straight across. Don't follow the curved upper lip. Don't place the canine on the right too close to the outer edge of the muzzle.

Draw a Growling Grizzly Bear Walking 14

Step 14: Draw the bottom row of teeth by first lightly drawing a curved horizontal line slightly above the U-shaped guide line. To the left of the line, draw a tall triangle-like shape as a guide for the grizzly's first canine. Then draw the smaller teeth along the edge of the curved line. Finally draw the other canine on the right as another triangle-like shape.

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