Draw Spider 5

Step 5: Use the initial circle as a guide to draw the spider's cephalothorax. Modify the shape so that it's thicker on top and then tapers in toward the bottom.

Draw Spider 6

Step 6: Draw the spider's eyes on the bottom part of the cephalothorax. Draw the spider's eyes as tiny circles and shade them in. Leave a portion unshaded to represent shine. Spiders usually have eight eyes arranged in different ways.

Draw Spider 7

Step 7: Draw the spider's fangs or chelicerae at the bottom part of the circle. The chelicerae are just two curved lines similar to the letter U next to each other.

Draw Spider 8

Step 8: Draw the spider's appendages that aid in food ingestion (pedipalps) on either side of the chelicerae. Draw the pedipalps as thick lines curving down. Remember to pause the video if you need to. In arachnids like scorpions, the pedipalps are the spider's claws.



Draw Spider 9

Step 9: Use the initial oval as a guide to draw the spider's abdomen and attach it to the cephalothorax.

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