Draw Blue Morpho Butterfly 15

Step 15: Draw a wavy line inside each forewing near the edge for the detail on the wings' pattern. Follow the path of the forewings but don't make this line too similar. Make it wavier and don't add the bottom edge. Add the line to the blue morpho's other wing too and make them as similar to each other as you can.


Draw Blue Morpho Butterfly 16

Step 16: Draw an angled line inside each of the blue morpho butterfly's forewing for the first part of the veins. These lines should start near the thorax and go up diagonally, then angle in toward the curved edge of the forewing.


Draw Blue Morpho Butterfly 17

Step 17: Now draw a series of curved horizontal lines inside the forewing for the rest of the blue morpho's veins. The first lines should start at the corner of the previous lines. Then add two more lines above on each side. The three curved horizontal lines on each forewing should be spaced out pretty evenly. Now draw three more curved lines on each forewing under the first line. These lines should be spaced apart a bit more, and the bottom line should be very close to the lower edge of the butterfly's forewing.


Draw Blue Morpho Butterfly 18

Step 18: Use the initial curved lines below the forewings as guides to create the shape of the blue morpho butterfly's hindwings. Darken the guides, but when you get to the lower outer edges, make the lines wavier. Make the inner edges of the hindwings curve in toward the abdomen more. Curve the outer lower edge of the hindwing on the right too and make it similar to the left side.


Draw Blue Morpho Butterfly 19

Step 19: Draw a wavy line near the bottom edge of each hindwing for the blue morpho's color separation. Follow the basic path of the hindwing as you draw the pattern. Keep the line close to the edge of the hindwing.

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