Draw California Quail 15

Step 15: Draw the outline of the quail's folded wing within the shape of the body, near the top part. The folded wing is essentially a long curved line across the body that's made up of smaller curved lines. The line for the folded wing should be broken up and not be one continuous line.


Draw California Quail 16

Step 16: Use the lines under the body as guides to draw the legs. First draw the feathery base as a curved line at the top. Then make the shape of the bird's leg, feet and toes thicker as you follow the path of the guides. On the tip of each toe, draw a curved, spike-like shape for the claws. Quails have one toe pointing backward and three toes pointing forward on each foot. From this angle, the forward-pointing toes will overlap, so only draw the visible parts.


Draw California Quail 17

Step 17: Use the first leg as a template to draw the leg on the other side the same way. The quail's first leg will overlap a big part of the leg on the other side, so only draw the parts that are visible from this angle.


Draw California Quail 18

Step 18: Use the initial lines and shapes as guides to draw the rest of the body. Simply darken the outer edges of the guides to create the quail's body. Use quick, short strokes on the lower, left side.


Draw California Quail 19

Step 19: Use the thin arc on the lower, left side of the body as a guide to draw the quail's tail. Darken the path of the guide to create the bird's tail and use a few quick, short strokes at the base.

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