Draw Rhinoceros 10

Step 10: Tighten the shape of the rhino's ears by drawing quick, short strokes on top of them to represent hair. Draw small lines within them at the base of them for detail.

Draw Rhinoceros 11

Step 11: Darken the horns and make them a bit more curved and rounder at the points.

Draw Rhinoceros 12

Step 12: Draw in the rest of the rhino's head using the oval as a guide. Notice the forehead dips inward a bit.

Draw Rhinoceros 13

Step 13: Using the lines as guides, draw the front legs. Sketch them in lightly at first so you're sure you like what you have before darkening. The rhino's feet bend forward slightly. Also draw what can be seen of the nails. Draw the other leg peeking from behind and draw some lines for wrinkles.

Draw Rhinoceros 14

Step 14: Draw the rhinoceros' hind legs using the same technique. Be sure to bend them forward at the joints and draw some wrinkles.

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