Draw Rhinoceros 6

Step 6: Draw a series of curved lines that connect the major circles to form the body.

Draw Rhinoceros 7

Step 7: Draw four curved lines below each circle as guides for the rhino's legs.

Draw Rhinoceros Sketch

That's it for the initial sketch! From this point on, press harder with your pencil to get a more defined sketch.

Draw Rhinoceros 8

Step 8: Above the area where the two lines intersect, draw the eye as a football shape with a circle inside of it. Shade in the circle. Draw a few lines around the rhino's eye to represent wrinkles.

Draw Rhinoceros 9

Step 9: Using the bottom of the oval as a guide, draw in the muzzle. The rhino's mouth is to the right of the guide line. The nose is grazing the guide line on the left. Draw lines around them for detail.

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