Draw Clouded Leopard 10

Step 10: Lightly sketch the shape of the clouded leopard's nose on the lower edge of the main circle. The nose should be similar to a triangle. Darken the lines when you get the shape right. Use a wavy line for the top part. The sides of the nose should come inward a bit to form the nostrils. Add a darker value to the sides for the nostrils.


Draw Clouded Leopard 11

Step 11: Use the small circle under the head as a guide to draw the clouded leopard's muzzle. First follow the basic path of the big circle as you darken a line that curls up on the right to create the mouth. Add a curved line under the mouth for the chin as you follow the bottom edge of the small circle. Use quick, short strokes as you draw the chin and left side of the muzzle for a furry texture.


Draw Clouded Leopard 12

Step 12: Use quick strokes that are longer on the sides of the muzzle for the clouded leopard's whiskers.


Draw Clouded Leopard 13

Step 13: Darken the small arcs on the head to create the clouded leopard's ears. Make the shapes of the ears a little bit thinner as you darken the lines. Add some quick, short strokes within the shapes of the ears for the fur found there.


Draw Clouded Leopard 14

Step 14: Use the main circle as a guide to draw the rest of the clouded leopard's head. Follow the basic path of the circle as you darken the lines but make the right side of the head a bit thinner. Use quick, short strokes on the left side of the head to represent fur.

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