Draw Dodo Bird 10

Step 10: Draw the rest of the head by using the small circle as a guide. Use a series of quick, short strokes to draw the edge of the feathers that surround the face. The feathers should start at the top of the beak, curve to the left of the eye and end on the bottom edge of the beak. Now follow the basic shape of the initial circle and use quick, short strokes to create the feathered head. Follow the path of the curved lines under the head and use quick, short strokes to create the neck.


Draw Dodo Bird 11

Step 11: Draw the right edge of the wing using an angled line. This line should be close to the right side of the body and should be similar to a wide greater-than sign (>).


Draw Dodo Bird 12

Step 12: Now draw the left side of the wing using a series of curved lines for the feathers. Dodos were flightless birds, and they had small wings. Don't draw the wing too big. The curved lines or feathers should be smaller at the top, and the lines should overlap. The shape of the left side of the wing should follow the same angle as the right side.


Draw Dodo Bird 13

Step 13: Use the line under the body as a guide to draw the leg that's on this side of the body. First draw the feathery base of the leg near the top as a line similar to a wide letter V. This line should be made up of quick, short strokes to indicate feathers.

Now follow the basic path of the guide as you make the shape of the leg thicker. Draw around the small guides at the bottom to thicken up the shapes of the individual toes. Curl the lines at the ends to create points that represent the sharp claws.


Draw Dodo Bird 14

Step 14: Draw the leg on the other side of the body the same way as the first. Most of the leg isn't visible, so only draw the toes. Use the first leg as a template for the shape.

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