Draw Dodo Bird 6

Step 6: Under the body, draw a line as a guide for the legs. At the end of the line, draw three smaller lines as guides for the feet and toes.


Draw Dodo Bird Initial Sketch

That's it for the initial sketch! From this point on, press harder with your pencil to get a more defined sketch.


Draw Dodo Bird 7

Step 7: Lightly sketch the eye as a small circle inside the head. When you get the placement and shape of the eye right, darken the lines. Inside the eye, draw a small dot for the pupil. Add a tiny circle off to the side to represent glare. Shade the top part a bit using a light value. Draw a few lines around the eye for extra detail. The other eye is on the opposite side of the head, so it's not visible.


Draw Dodo Bird 8

Step 8: Use the initial U-shaped arc as a guide to draw the top part of the beak. The front part of the beak should extend slightly outside of the arc. Follow the basic path of the guide as you draw the top part of the beak but make it a bit thinner as you darken the lines. Add a few curved lines near the middle to give the beak a bumpier texture. Also near the middle, draw the nostril as an oval and shade it in.


Draw Dodo Bird 9

Step 9: Draw the mouth as a long, wavy line that stretches back toward the head, under the eye. Sketch out the line lightly at first to get its placement and shape right. Darken the line when you get the shape right. The beak should end at a point on the right. Draw the bottom part of the beak by using the lower edge of the arc as a guide. Follow the path of the arc but make the bottom edge of the beak higher as you darken the line.

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