Draw Alligator 10

Step 10: Add a few lines within the bottom shape for the detail inside the alligator's mouth. A few lines on the right make up the skin between the mouth and a curved line in the middle creates the tongue. Follow the path of the lower jaw as you draw small triangle-like shapes for the teeth lining the alligator's mouth.

Draw Alligator 11

Step 11: Draw the rest of the alligator's head using the remaining lines as guides. Make the top part of the head bumpy and the bottom smooth. Add a curved line on the right for the powerful jaw muscles.

Draw Alligator 12

Step 12: Use the lines on the left as guides to draw the front legs. Follow the basic path of the guides as you draw the shape of the alligator's first leg. Bend the leg at the joints and make it rounder. Draw a few short lines that come to points on the tip of the foot for the toes. Use the other guide to draw the leg on the other side the same way.

Draw Alligator 13

Step 13: Draw the alligator's hind leg using the line on the right as a guide. Bend the shape to indicate the joints and add the toes on the end of the foot.



Draw Alligator 14

Step 14: Use the initial circles and lines as guides to draw the alligator's body. Use wide, triangle-like shapes when you draw the top part of the body for the tough, hard skin. Follow the basic path of the guides as you darken the lines to create the underside of the gator.

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