Draw Horse 10

Step 10: Draw the horse's ears with more detail using the initial shapes as guides.

Draw Horse 11

Step 11: Using quick, short strokes, draw a few hairs in between the ears for the top of the horse's mane.

Draw Horse 12

Step 12: Draw the rest of the horse's head using the initial lines as guides. Draw a curve at the bottom for a pronounced jaw.

Draw Horse 13

Step 13: Use long strokes to draw the horse's mane draping over the neck. Draw the horse's mane as short or as long as you like, but always keep the shape of the neck in mind. Darken the horse's neck in this step as well.

Draw Horse 14

Step 14: Draw the horse's front legs using the lines as guides. As you draw around the line, bulge it in and out at the joints and at the bottom where the horse's hoof is. Draw a line to indicate the hoof, then draw the leg that's hiding behind using the same technique.

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