Draw Swallow Bird 10

Step 10: Draw the eye near the middle of the swallow's head using the lines as guides for placement. The shape of the eye is similar to an oval with pointed ends. Draw a tiny circle to represent glare inside the eye. Draw a dot in the middle of the swallow's eye for the pupil and shade in the rest of the eye too. Use a value that's lighter than the pupil when shading the rest of the eye. Draw a few small, curved lines around the bird's eye for extra detail.

Draw Swallow Bird 11

Step 11: Use the triangle shape as a guide to draw the swallow's beak. Draw a long line near the middle of the shape that extends toward the head for the mouth opening. Draw a curved line and a circle to the top of the beak for the nostril and a few quick, short strokes to represent the bird's feathers. Draw the bottom part of the beak as a short line close to the mouth.

Draw Swallow Bird 12

Step 12: Use the circle and neck lines as guides to draw the rest of the swallow's head. Follow the path of the circle and neck lines toward the body as you darken them. The head should be a little flatter than the original circle.

Draw Swallow Bird 13

Step 13: Draw the wings using the curved lines as guides. Darken the guide line on the left side and use small curved lines as you follow the path of the guide on the right side. The small, curved lines on the left don't need to be perfect. Just add them randomly to represent the swallow's feathers. Draw the wing on the bottom using the same technique. Notice that the top left part of this wing overlaps the body unlike the top wing, which is behind the body. Draw the small curved lines on this wing for the feathers, too.

Draw Swallow Bird 14

Step 14: Draw a few lines within each wing to represent the detail of the swallow's feathers. First draw two curved rows of quick, short strokes near the left and middle of the wings. Now draw longer lines on the right side of the wings for the longer feathers on the ends. These lines are shorter when they are closer to the body and get longer the farther away from the body they are.
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