Draw Capuchin Monkey 10

Step 10: Use the original circle as a guide to draw the monkey's head. Curve the lines on the right side of the head to create the cheekbone and chin. Use quick, short strokes on the other side to represent fur.

Draw Capuchin Monkey 11

Step 11: Draw the outline of the monkey's face using quick, short strokes.

Draw Capuchin Monkey 12

Step 12: On the left side of the face, draw a curved line for the monkey's ear and more quick, short strokes for fur.

Draw Capuchin Monkey 13

Step 13: Using the lines as guides, draw the monkey's arms. Draw lightly at first to get the structure right. When you're happy with what you have, go ahead and darken it. The arm is thick on top and thinner at the bottom. Use quick, short strokes to represent fur. Draw the monkey's hand at the bottom. It should be pretty flat, and only draw the fingers that are visible. Monkey hands are similar to our own, so you can use a mirror for reference as you draw! Draw the monkey's arm on the other side the same way. Remember to draw lightly at first to get the structure right. Use quick, short strokes for that furry look and give the arm a slight bend at the elbow. Draw the monkey's other hand the same way, but because it's on the other side, draw the thumb too.

Draw Capuchin Monkey 14

Step 14: Use the other line as a guide to draw the monkey's legs the same way as the arms. Don't forget to start out lightly. The leg is thicker than the arms at the top and then gets thinner at the bottom. Monkeys' feet are similar to the hands, so draw the long digits at the end. Draw the visible portion of the monkey's leg on the other side.

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