Draw Pit Bull 10

Step 10: Draw the pit bull's mouth as a line that comes down from the mouth then splits in two and curves up. Draw a line below that for the chin and more lines around it for the rest of pit bull's muzzle.

Draw Pit Bull 11

Step 11: Use the initial square as a guide and draw the rest of the pit bull's head.

Draw Pit Bull 12

Step 12: Using the lines as guides, draw the pit bull's front legs. Just go around the lines adding shape and structure as you go along. Draw the pit bull's toes at the bottom too.

Draw Pit Bull 13

Step 13: Draw the pit bull's hind legs stretched behind the body using the same technique as the front legs. The hind legs stretch far back for a powerful stance. Don't forget the toes!

Draw Pit Bull 14

Step 14: Draw in the rest of the body, giving it more structure along the way. The pit bull's tail is drooping behind the body, so only draw a small portion of it.
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