How to Draw a Megalodon Shark Open Mouth 5

Step 5: Use the circle as a guide to draw the shape of the megalodon's head. On the top, right side of the circle, draw a small arc for the pointy tip of the snout. The arc should be a little bit pointy, and it should tilt to the right slightly. Follow the right edge of the circle as you draw the side of the shark's open jaw. As you darken the shape, curve the line inward near the horizontal guide to indicate the jaw. Draw the bottom jaw along the lower edge of the circle. Add a short line at the top to emphasize the snout.

How to Draw a Megalodon Shark Open Mouth 6

Step 6: Near the top of the head, lightly sketch a small oval for the eye. When you get the size and position right, darken the eye. Shade the inside of it. To the right of the eye, draw a tiny shape that's similar to an apostrophe for the megalodon's first nostril. On the far right side of the snout, close to the edge, draw another tiny shape for the other nostril. Between the nostrils, draw a series of short, horizontal lines for the wrinkles above the mouth.

How to Draw a Megalodon Shark Open Mouth 7

Step 7: Inside the circle, below the eyes, draw a big, wide shape for the megalodon's open mouth. Lightly sketch the top part of the open mouth as a wide arc above the horizontal guide line. Don't draw the top of the mouth too high up. When you get the shape right, darken the lines. Add a similar curved shape at the bottom for the lower half of the open mouth. Use the bottom of the jaw as a guide. Sketch the bottom of the open mouth lightly at first and only darken the line when you have the shape right. Inside the mouth, near the top edge, draw a line for the gums. Keep the line close to the edge of the mouth of this extinct shark species. Draw another curved line close to the bottom edge for the lower gums.

How to Draw a Megalodon Shark Open Mouth 8

Step 8: Draw a series of small, V-shaped lines along the top gums for the row of sharp, pointy teeth. Don't make the megalodon shark's teeth too big. They also don't have to all be the same size. Because of the angle of the head, the teeth on the right should be smaller, and they should overlap each other. Draw a series of small, triangular shapes along the bottom gums for more teeth. Don't make the triangles too big. It's okay if the teeth overlap the line for the gums. Behind the first row of teeth, draw more triangles for the more rows of teeth. Don't overlap the lines for the teeth. Add flatter, triangular shapes along the front of the gums for more teeth. Add a few curved lines inside the big shape for more detail inside the shark's mouth.

How to Draw a Megalodon Shark Open Mouth 9

Step 9: Darken the line on top of the body for the first part of the dorsal fin. Darken the section between the dorsal line and the head for the top of the megalodon's body. To the left of the first line, draw a second curved line to finish the shape of the dorsal fin. Add a broken line inside the dorsal fin, near the right edge, to make the shape thicker.

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