How to Draw a Calico Kitten Cat Orange Black 20

Step 20: Go over the final sketch lines with a pen, marker or any other type of permanent ink. Take your time and be careful when you ink to avoid any accidents. After inking, get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser for a cleaner drawing of a calico cat.

How to Draw a Calico Kitten Cat Orange Black Color

Final Step: Color your drawing! Calico cats are white, black and orange. Start by adding some random black patches. As you color, use strokes that go in the general direction of the fur. Color lightly at first and slowly build up the level of darkness. Your drawing doesn't have to look exactly like this one. Add the black spots randomly on your drawing.

Just like with the black, add random patches of orange all over the calico's body. Remember to use strokes that go in the direction of the fur and color lightly at first. You can also use this drawing as a template for a white cat. Just skip the coloring part! Use a blend of light brown, peach and pink for the cat's nose and the inside of the ears. Add some black to the inside of the ears for shadows. Use yellow, orange and green for the calico's eyes.

Use some red-orange or light brown to make the orange spots darker. Add some yellow to the orange spots too. Slowly push harder on your pencil to blend all the colors together. Gradually add more black too for darker patches. Coloring can be time-consuming, so be patient ad take breaks. Add some brown to the orange patches to add some variety to the fur.

Use some gray and a bit of blue to create shadows on the cat's body. This will give the figure more dimension. Add the gray lightly at first. It's a good idea to use reference as you draw for a more accurate depiction of a calico cat. If you have a pet calico cat or a similar breed, try to duplicate its fur pattern on your drawing. Add some dark brown to the orange to emphasize the fur. Don't forget to pause the video to draw at your own pace. Use gray and blue to add a shadow at the bottom. This grounds the cat so that it doesn't seem to be floating.

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