How to Draw Osprey Seahawk Bird Side 10

Step 10: Darken the bottom of the arc and add a few short strokes to the right for the bottom of the osprey's beak. Draw a curved line around the tip of the mouth and a broken line to the right of the beak for the base.

How to Draw Osprey Seahawk Bird Side 11

Step 11: Use the small circle and the initial curved lines as guides to draw the rest of the osprey's head. Darken the top edge of the guides but make the shape of the head flatter and wider. Draw a series of short strokes and angled lines along the curved guide on the right for the feathers on the bird's head. Use short strokes and a curved line along the guides on the left for the other side of the raptor's neck.

How to Draw Osprey Seahawk Bird Side 12

Step 12: Lightly sketch a very long, curved line across the entire body for the folded wing. The top part of the sea hawk's wing should be narrow and curved. The curve should be just above the initial circle. The left edge should follow the side of the body. The bottom should end at the tail, and it should be pointy. When you get the big shape of the folded wing right, darken the lines. Make the left edge of the folded wing a bit wavier for the feathers. The bottom of the osprey's wing should be thin. Don't close off the shape on the right side.

How to Draw Osprey Seahawk Bird Side 13

Step 13: Draw a series of lines within the shape of the wing for the detail on the feathers. Draw a curved line across the middle of the osprey's wing for the separation of the top and bottom feathers. Inside the small space created with this line, draw a series of shorter lines for the individual feathers. Draw a few more lines in the tip of the raptor's wing for more feathers.

How to Draw Osprey Seahawk Bird Side 14

Step 14: Use the small, angled lines under the body as guides to draw the osprey's foot. Draw the shape of the foot and first toe around the guide. The toe should be thin and long. On the tip of the toe, draw a curved pointy shape for the talon. To the right, draw a similar shape for another toe. Use the initial line as a guide to draw the bird's other toe pointing backward. Add the talon on the tip. On the left side, draw the visible portion of the final toe the same way.

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