Draw Elk 10

Step 10: Use the initial arc as a guide to draw the elk's ears. Darken the outer line and draw a few lines within it to represent the fur inside. Draw a line for the other ear.

Draw Elk 11

Step 11: Use the lines as guides to draw the elk's antlers. First draw a curved line on the head as a base. Then thicken up the lines to create the antlers. Don't make the antlers too thick or they'll look like a moose's antlers. The elk's antlers should come to a point. Curve them a bit for a more organic feel.

Draw Elk 12

Step 12: Draw the antler on the other side by using the first one as a guide. Most of the shape is hidden by the antler in the front, so only draw the visible spikes peeking from behind.

Draw Elk 13

Step 13: Use the initial arc as a guide to draw the elk's muzzle. The nose is made up of a curved line at the end of the muzzle with a shaded circle inside as the nostril. Draw a fuzzy line that extends toward the circle for the mouth.

Draw Elk 14

Step 14: Draw the rest of the elk's head using quick, short strokes to represent fur. Draw some lines within the head for extra detail.
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