Draw Labrador Retriever 10

Step 10: Using the initial lines as guides, draw the rest of the lab's mouth. The mouth starts near the bottom of the nose and turns left toward the circle. The lower jaw sits right below it.

Draw Labrador Retriever 11

Step 11: Using the initial guides, draw in the rest of the dog's head using quick, short strokes for the fur.

Draw Labrador Retriever 12

Step 12: Using the guide, darken the labrador retriever's tail by drawing quick, short strokes to create fur.

Draw Labrador Retriever 13

Step 13: Draw the lab's hind legs by using the initial guide lines. To get the structure right, sketch them in lightly at first. Draw quick, short strokes all around the guide line. Dogs walk on their toes. The hock (the joint that angles back) would be their ankle. Keep this in mind to get accurate-looking labrador retriever legs.

Draw Labrador Retriever 14

Step 14: Using the line on the right as a guide, draw the front legs. Sketch lightly at first, then draw quick, short strokes all around the guide line.

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