How to Draw a Dragon Sleeping Side 20

Step 20: Darken the initial guide above the head to create the shape of the neck. Don't overlap the horns. Draw a series of small, triangular shapes along the top edge of the dragon's neck for spikes.

How to Draw a Dragon Sleeping Side 21

Step 21: Darken the left side of the sleeping dragon's body and the guide for the tail. Don't overlap the spike on the leg as you darken the shape of the tail. At the tip of the tail, draw a couple of angled lines to create an arrow-like shape. Draw a series of small, triangular shapes along the top of the tail for spikes. When you get to the curve of this mythical creature's tail, continue to draw the spikes across the shape instead of following the top line. Continue drawing the spikes along the left edge of the tail but make them thinner along the curve.

How to Draw a Dragon Sleeping Side 22

Step 22: Use the first wing as a template to draw the wing on the dragon's other side the same way. Draw the spike at the joint on the top, right side and the pointy lower edge on the left side.

How to Draw a Dragon Sleeping Side 23

Step 23: Go over the final sketch lines with a pen, marker or any other type of permanent ink. Take your time and be careful when you ink to avoid any accidents. After the ink dries, get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser for a cleaner drawing.

How to Draw a Dragon Sleeping Side

Final Step: Color your dragon! Dragons are mythical creatures, so you can color yours any way you want. For this look, use red for the main part of the dragon's body. Draw a line that separates the underside, which will be yellow. Use dark brown throughout the body to create shadows to give your dragon dimension and volume. Continue to add red to the body. Use red directly on top of the brown shadows and blend the two colors together.

Add the colors lightly at first and gradually build up to the level of darkness that you like. Use dark brown for the dragon's spikes, horns, claws and the angled base of the wing. Color the underside of the dragon yellow. Don't smear the red into the yellow as you color. Use dark brown under the sleeping dragon's body for a cast shadow. Don't forget to pause the video to draw at your own pace.

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