How to Draw a Tabby Kitty Cat Head Detail 6

Step 6: Draw the ear on the right the same way. You can lightly sketch a line across to make sure that both arcs are the same height. Once you make the mark at the appropriate height, connect it to the cat's head using curved lines to form the rest of the arc.


How to Draw a Tabby Kitty Cat Head Detail Guide Lines

That's it for the guides! From this point on, press harder with your pencil for a more defined drawing.



How to Draw a Tabby Kitty Cat Head Detail 7

Step 7: Inside each small circle, draw a short, diagonal line for the eyelids. Sketch lightly at first so that the line on each eye looks the same. When you get the slope of the lines right, darken them. Darken the bottom part of the initial circles to complete the outer shapes of the tabby cat's eyes. Make sure that the eyes look roughly the same for a symmetrical look. Make the top, outer edges of the eyes thicker for the eyelashes. Don't draw individual hair strands. Just make the lines edges thicker and darker. Whatever you do to one side, you should do to the other side as well to keep the cat's symmetry.


How to Draw a Tabby Kitty Cat Head Detail 8

Step 8: In the middle of each eye, lightly sketch a thin, long oval for the cat's pupils. You can also make the pupils bigger and rounder or extremely thin slits. Off to the side of each pupil, draw a tiny circle to represent glare. When you have the shape and position of the pupils and glare right, darken the lines. Shade the tabby cat's pupils but don't overlap the inside of the glare circles. As you shade, use a value that's as dark as the eyelashes. Add a few short lines on the inner, lower edges of the eyes to extend the corners of the eyes.



How to Draw a Tabby Kitty Cat Head Detail 9

Step 9: Lightly sketch a small triangle near the middle of the small circle for the nose. Pay attention to the size of this triangle in relation to the initial circle. Don't make it too big. When you get the size and position right, darken the top edge using a wavy line. Make the top corners longer so that they're pointing toward the cat's eyes. Make the sides curve inward as you darken the lines to create the nostrils. Make the bottom tip pointy and draw a short, vertical line inside at the bottom.

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