How to Draw an American Harpy Eagle Bird 15

Step 15: Use the sloping line under the body as a guide to draw the bird's first leg. At the top of the line, draw a wide shape for the feather-covered base of the leg. Now follow the path of the guides and draw the shape of the foot and toe around the lines. Add the middle toe at the bottom by drawing the shape of it around the initial line.

At the tip of each toe, draw a long, curved, pointy shape for the harpy eagle's sharp talons. Between these toes, draw a thin shape using curved lines for another toe. Add a talon to this toe too. To the right of the middle toe, draw another toe the same way. This toe should be a bit shorter, but the talon should be long and thick.


How to Draw an American Harpy Eagle Bird 16

Step 16: Use the other lines and shapes as guides to draw the harpy eagle's body. Darken the outer edges of the initial guides to create the shape of the body. Add a couple of curved lines at the top, near the neck, for a row of feathers. Add a series of short strokes to the left of the leg for the fluffy feathery underside of the body. On the left side, draw long, curved line for the visible part of the eagle's other folded wing.



How to Draw an American Harpy Eagle Bird 17

Step 17: Use the first leg as a template to draw the bird's leg on the other side the same way. Draw the feathery base at the top using short strokes. Then add the thick base of the foot. Add the toe using curved lines. At the tip, draw the sharp, pointy talon. Draw the harpy eagle's middle toe and talon using more curved lines. The other toes will be mostly hidden by the first toe and by the first leg, so don't worry about drawing them.


How to Draw an American Harpy Eagle Bird 18

Step 18: Darken the shape on the lower, left side to create the harpy eagle's tail. Use a series of small arcs at the bottom and vertical lines inside for the individual feathers. Add a few strokes across the middle of the tail for the pattern on the bird's feathers.



How to Draw an American Harpy Eagle Bird 19

Step 19: Draw a few curved lines under the feet to give the eagle a rock to stand on. Don't overlap the shape of the toes or talons as you draw the rock.

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