How to Draw African Congo Grey Parrot Bird 10

Step 10: Draw a broken line along the path of the initial circle to create the base of the bottom part of the African grey 's beak. Draw a curved line from the base to the top part of the beak to form the bottom part of the beak. Add a curved line in the middle for the open mouth. Inside the parrot's open beak, draw a short, curved line for the tongue.


How to Draw African Congo Grey Parrot Bird 11

Step 11: Use the remaining shapes and lines as guides to draw the rest of the parrot's head. Simply darken the outer edges of the guides to create the shape of the head. Make the lines a bit wavier as you darken them for the bird's feathers. Draw a line around the eye to indicate the border between the feathers and the bare skin. Use short strokes to create the line to represent feathers.



How to Draw African Congo Grey Parrot Bird 12

Step 12: Inside the body, draw a long, curved line for the top part of the African grey parrot's folded wing. The line should start near the top edge of the initial circle and stretch all the way down to the bottom of the initial arc. Sketch the line lightly at first and when you get the shape right, darken it. Draw series of U-shaped lines along the bottom of the wing for the bird's feathers. Make these lines different lengths and widths to give the feathers variety. The entire shape of the wing should take up almost half of the space inside the body.


How to Draw African Congo Grey Parrot Bird 13

Step 13: On the left side, on top of the guide for the tail, lightly sketch a V-shaped line for the tip of the wing. When you get the size and shape right, darken the line. Inside the shape, draw two rows of curved lines for the African grey 's feathers. The feathers at the bottom are basically vertical lines that are close together.



How to Draw African Congo Grey Parrot Bird 14

Step 14: Use the C-shaped line on the right as a guide to draw the African grey 's foot. Follow the path of the guide and draw the shape of the foot around it. Make the ends of the shape pointy to represent the nails at the tip of the bird's toes. Add a couple of lines on the left side for the bent leg. On the right, draw another curved line for the other toe peeking out from behind.

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