How to Draw Pug Puppy Dog Head Face Portrait 5

Step 5: Lightly sketch the pug's eyes inside the head as two small circles. Use the initial construction lines as guides for size and placement of the eyes. Pay attention to how far the eyes are from the edge of the big circle and from the dog's muzzle too.

When you get the size and placement right, darken the shapes of the pug's eyes. As you darken the shapes, make the sides a bit pointier for the corners of the eyes. Add a few curved lines around the eyes for the eyelids and skin. Use short strokes for the lines above the eyes to create a fur-like texture.


How to Draw Pug Puppy Dog Head Face Portrait 6

Step 6: Inside the eyes, draw a couple of curved lines for the irises. The lines on the inner sides should be longer to make the pug's eyes bulge out. In the middle of each eye, draw a tiny circle and shade it in for the pupils. On the side of each pupil, draw another small circle for glare. Don't shade this one in.


How to Draw Pug Puppy Dog Head Face Portrait 7

Step 7: Lightly sketch a small oval in the middle of the head, where all the guides come together for the nose. The top edge of the oval should be a bit higher than the guide for the pug's muzzle. When you get the size and shape right, darken the top edge. As you darken the sides, curl the lines inward to create the nostrils. Add an extra curved line under each nostril to make them bigger. Add a short vertical line at the bottom that splits the nose in half and darken the lower edge too.


How to Draw Pug Puppy Dog Head Face Portrait 8

Step 8: Start drawing the muzzle by first darkening the top half of the initial smaller circle. Make these lines thicker too as you darken them. Draw a curved line parallel to the edge of the initial circle for the pug's folded skin above the nose. This line should be made up of short strokes to give the fold a fur-like texture. It's OK if this line overlaps the eyes a little bit because the folded skin is in front of the eyes.


How to Draw Pug Puppy Dog Head Face Portrait 9

Step 9: Under the pug's nose, draw a vertical line that almost reaches the halfway point of the initial circle. At the bottom, split the line in two and curve them out to create the mouth. The edges of the mouth should reach the sides of the initial circle guide. On either side of the dog's mouth, draw a curved line for the loose skin. Use a few short strokes as you draw these lines for the furry texture.

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