Draw Tyrannosaurus Rex 10

Step 10: Draw the teeth as a series of triangles lining the top and bottom of the mouth.

Draw Tyrannosaurus Rex 11

Step 11: Using the initial egg shape, draw the rest of the dinosaur's head. Draw a big, powerful lower jaw.

Draw Tyrannosaurus Rex 12

Step 12: Using the lines as guides, draw the T. rex's arms. Just go around the line adding folds of skin at the joints. Don't forget the two pointy claws at the end!

Draw Tyrannosaurus Rex 13

Step 13: Draw the T. rex's hind legs, again using the lines as guides. Draw them thick at the top and thinner at the bottom. Draw large claws at the end of the toes. The legs shouldn't be straight lines. They should bulge in and out to show the musculature. The right leg is hiding behind the body, so only draw the visible portion the same way you drew the first.

Draw Tyrannosaurus Rex 14

Step 14: Draw the rest of the T. rex's body using the lines as guides. Draw the lines a bit bumpy instead of straight to give the skin a rougher look.

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