Draw Cartoon Mini Little Tiger Cub 16

Step 16: High above the eyes, near the top edge of the head, draw two long, horizontal stripes. Don't draw these stripes too close to the eyebrows. The top stripe should be a bit shorter than the bottom one. Shade a small portion of the outer edge of the ears as well. Adding the tiger cub's stripes can be time- consuming, so be patient and take breaks.


Draw Cartoon Mini Little Tiger Cub 17

Step 17: Now draw two triangle-like horizontal stripes on the cartoon tiger's front leg on the left. Add three similar stripes to the front leg on the right. Draw two on the right edge and one on the left so they fit.


Draw Cartoon Mini Little Tiger Cub 18

Step 18: Draw six long, vertical stripes on the tiger's body, three on top and three on the bottom. First draw the long triangle-like spike, then shade it in. Stagger the spikes so that they fit within the body. You can also draw fewer stripes on your tiger for an easier drawing.


Draw Cartoon Mini Little Tiger Cub 19

Step 19: Add three more stripes along the right side of the cartoon tiger's body and hind leg. Tilt the stripes as you draw them farther down the leg. Add a smaller stripe on the left edge and on the other hind leg too.


Draw Cartoon Mini Little Tiger Cub 20

Step 20: Draw three thick bands on the tiger cub's tail and shade the tip too.

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