Draw Cartoon Bulldog Tough Mean Dog 11

Step 11: Draw a curved, vertical line on the left side, above the cheek, for the first part of the bulldog's head. Draw a curved horizontal line above the eyes for the top part of the head. Leave a gap on the upper, left side.


Draw Cartoon Bulldog Tough Mean Dog 12

Step 12: Draw the first ear on the upper, left side of the head. The shape should be similar to the number 6 on its side. Add a couple of curved lines underneath to complete the shape of the ear. Draw the bulldog's other ear on the top, right side the same way.


Draw Cartoon Bulldog Tough Mean Dog 13

Step 13: Draw a series of small triangles around the head for the spikes on the bulldog's collar. Don't draw too many spikes. Just draw one at the top, two on the sides and two at the bottom. The spikes on the right side are hidden by the head. You can make the spikes bigger if you'd like.


Draw Cartoon Bulldog Tough Mean Dog 14

Step 14: Draw a series of short, curved lines that connect the spikes and form the collar around the bulldog's neck. You can actually stop here if you only want to draw the head.


Draw Cartoon Bulldog Tough Mean Dog 15

Step 15: Draw the cartoon bulldog's front leg by first drawing two lines that are similar to the letter T on the lower, left side of the head. To the left of the T- shaped line, draw a long, curved vertical line for the other side of the leg. Continue drawing the line at the bottom so that it curves to the right and forms the bottom part of the foot. Close the shape of the foot by drawing a curved line on the right. Add a couple of short lines inside to separate the toes.

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