Draw Cartoon Puppy Dog Retriever 6

Step 6: Directly under the mouth, draw a small U-shaped line for the puppy dog's tongue.


Draw Cartoon Puppy Dog Retriever 7

Step 7: Draw the cartoon puppy's head by first drawing a short vertical line close the the eye on the left. High above the eyes, draw a curved horizontal line for the top of the head. Add a few bumps along the middle of this line for the fur.


Draw Cartoon Puppy Dog Retriever 8

Step 8: Draw the ears on either side of the head, near the top. The shape of the ears consist of a couple of curved lines at the top and a V-shaped line at the bottom. The puppy's ear on the right side should be a bit bigger than the one on the left because of perspective.


Draw Cartoon Puppy Dog Retriever 9

Step 9: Draw a curved line on etiher side of the mouth for the rest of the cartoon puppy's head. As you draw these curved lines, make it jagged to represent fur. The line on the right should be longer because the head is slightly turned.


Draw Cartoon Puppy Dog Retriever 10

Step 10: Under the head, draw two curved horizontal lines on top of each other for the collar. Don't draw the lines too far apart, otherwise the puppy's collar will be too thick.

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