Draw Pegasus Horse Wings 20

Step 20: Use the last line under the pegasus' body as a guide to draw the second hind leg. Draw the shape of the hind leg around the guide line. Make the top part wide and the bottom part narrow. This leg should basically look like the other hind leg, only slightly smaller.


Draw Pegasus Horse Wings 21

Step 21: Use the lines above the body on the right side as guides to draw the top part of the pegasus' first wing. Simply darken the path of the guide at the top to create the edge of the wing. Slightly above the middle, curve the line back down to create a feather. Do the same for the tip at the top. Draw a series of tiny curved lines along the inner path of the wing to represent feathers. Draw the tiny curved lines all the way to the bottom toward the body to create the thick base of the wing.

Draw Pegasus Horse Wings 22

Step 22: Draw a series of long, thin arcs along the inner, right side of the initial guide to create feathers. Make the tip of each individual feather pointy. The bottom of the feathers shouldn't reach the left edge of the wing. Make the arcs for the the feathers shorter and less pointy the farther down the wing you go. The middle section of the pegasus' wing should be thinner, and the arcs should be tiny. The bottom section of the wing should be wide, and the arcs for the individual feathers should be wide as well.


Draw Pegasus Horse Wings 23

Step 23: Draw the pegasus' mane above the neck using a series of wavy lines. The lines should curve up, and the tips should be pointy to emphasize the mane flowing in the wind. Draw the mane as a big wavy shape instead of drawing every individual hair strand. Use curved lines at the bottom to indicate where the mane attaches to the neck. The section on the right will be hidden behind the wing. S

Draw Pegasus Horse Wings 24

Step 24: Use the remaining shapes and lines as guides to draw the rest of the pegasus' body. Simply darken the outer edges of the initial guides to create the shape of the body. Use the curved line on the right side as a guide to draw the tail. Follow the path of the guide as you draw the shape of the tail around it using a series of wavy lines. The bottom tips should end in points. Just like the mane, draw the tail as a single shape instead of individual hair strands.

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