Draw Persian Kitty Cat 10

Step 10: Add the Persian's eyes inside the head by first drawing a couple of circles. Use the construction lines and the circle for the muzzle as guides to get the placement of the eyes right. Sketch the circles lightly at first so that they're easy to erase if you don't get the size or placement right at first. When you get the shape and placement right, darken the circles using a thick line.

Make the top left side of the first circle extra dark and triangle-like to create the corner of the eye. Darken the outer edge of the eye on the right as well. The Persian kitten's eye on the right should be a tiny bit bigger and wider than the eye on the left because of perspective. Add a triangle-like dark shape on the top right side and on the lower left side for the eye's corners. Draw a tiny oval inside each eye on the left side to represent glare. Draw the pupils as a long slits in the middle of each eye. The pupils should be shaped simlilar to long ovals with pointed ends. You can also draw the pupils as circles to make them more dilated.

Shade the inside of the eyes except for the tiny ovals that represent glare. As you shade the kitten's eyes, use a value that's lighter than the pupils. You can also use a gradient value that is darker at the top and gradually gets lighter at the bottom to make the eyeballs look rounder. Add a series of lines around the outside of the eyes for the fur. Use quick, short strokes as you follow the outer edge of the eyes to simulate a furry texture.


Draw Persian Kitty Cat 11

Step 11: Draw the Persian's nose inside the muzzle at the top. First lightly sketch an upside-down triangle. Then when you get the size and placement right, darken the lines. Make the top line wavy. On either side of the triangle, draw a small circle and shade it in for the nostrils. Now darken the rest of the shape and add a small line at the bottom of the nose. Draw a curved line that's made up of quick, short strokes above the nose to convey the flatness of the kitten's muzzle.


Draw Persian Kitty Cat 12

Step 12: Draw the Persian kitten's muzzle by using the initial circle as a guide. First draw a short line under the nose. The line should split into two at the bottom so that it looks like an upside-down letter V. Continue to lengthen the line but start using quick, short strokes. Curve the line upward toward the left edge of the circle. Use another curved line that's made up of quick, short strokes on the right to create the other whisker pad. Add a few dashes and dots within the shapes you just created for the base of the whiskers. You can also add some whiskers by drawing a series of long strokes from the pads, but they might get muddled if you shade your kitten drawing later.


Draw Persian Kitty Cat 13

Step 13: Use the arcs on top of the head as guides to draw the kitten's ears. Follow the path of the arcs as you use quick, short strokes to create the furry shape of the outer ear. Add a few longer strokes inside the shapes for the fur within the ears. The strokes inside the ears should also follow the basic path of the initial arc.


Draw Persian Kitty Cat 14

Step 14: Use the inital big circle as a guide to draw the shape of the head. Use quick, short strokes as you follow the basic path of the circle to create the shape of the kitten's head. As you draw the left side of the head, make the shape a bit wider than the original circle. Use longer strokes to convey the long, shaggy fur. The right side of the head should be a lot wider than the original circle to convey the fluffy fur. The strokes should be around the same size , but at the same time try to vary the sizes a bit to emphasize the furry texture.

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