Draw Chinese Dragon 15

Step 15: Draw the rest of the Chinese dragon's head using the initial lines and shapes as guides. Darken the guide under the open mouth to create the shape of the chin and jaw. Draw two curved lines along the top edge of the initial circle to create the top of the head.


Draw Chinese Dragon 16

Step 16: Draw the tongue inside the Chinese dragon's mouth using two curved lines that come to a point on the left.

Draw Chinese Dragon 17

Step 17: Draw the Chinese dragon's beard along the path of the chin and jaw. The beard is made up of small angled lines that are similar to triangles or the letter V. The beard should extend all the way to the right side and overlap part of the neck.


Draw Chinese Dragon 18

Step 18: Draw a curved line on the right side of the main circle for the ear that's similar to a cow's ear. Sketch lightly at first and only darken the lines when you get the shape right. Add some lines inside for structure.

Draw Chinese Dragon 19

Step 19: Chinese dragons have antlers. Lightly sketch the antler on top of the head using a series of curved lines. The shape of the antler should be similar to a thick letter y that's slightly tilted. Darken the lines when you get the shape right. You can make the tip pointy if you'd like.

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