Draw Toucan Bird 6

Step 6: Draw an angled line coming from the bottom of the big circle as a guide for the first leg. Draw a smaller angled line on the left as a guide for the leg that's on the other side of the toucan's body.


Draw Toucan Bird 7

Step 7: Draw a long, narrow arc on the lower, right side of the body as a guide for the toucan's tail. The end result should be similar to a long letter U that's tilted to the left a bit.


Draw Toucan Bird Sketch

That's it for the initial sketch! From this point on, press harder with your pencil to get a more defined sketch.


Draw Toucan Bird 8

Step 8: Draw the toucan's eye as a small circle inside the head using the initial lines as guides for placement. Place the eye to the left of the vertical line and above the horizontal line. Draw a tiny circle inside the eye, off to the side, to represent glare and a bigger dot in the middle for the pupil. Using a value that's lighter than the pupil, shade the eye except for the tiny circle that represents glare. Add a few curved lines around the eye for the skin surrounding it.


Draw Toucan Bird 9

Step 9: Draw the top part of the toucan's beak by using the initial arc as a guide. Follow the basic path of the arc but make the top part bulge up a bit more as you darken the line. Make the line extend out of the arc and point down to create the pointy tip of the beak. The bottom line for the top beak should be at around the same level as the horzontal line inside the head. Sketch the line lightly at first to get the position right. Use a series of short angled lines as you darken the bottom of the bird's beak for a serrated edge.

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