Draw Pileated Woodpecker 6

Step 6: Draw a long, angled, V-shaped line under the body as a guide for the woodpecker's tail.


Draw Pileated Woodpecker Sketch

That's it for the initial sketch! From this point on, press harder with your pencil to get a more defined sketch.


Draw Pileated Woodpecker 7

Step 7: Draw the woodpecker's eye as a small circle inside the head on the upper right side. Add a tiny circle inside the eye, off to the side, to represent glare and a big dot in the middle for the pupil. Add a few lines around the outside of the eye for extra detail.


Draw Pileated Woodpecker 8

Step 8: Use the triangle-like shape on the right as a guide to draw the woodpecker's beak. First draw a zigzag line made up of quick, short strokes on the left side of the guide for the feathery base of the beak. Follow the basic path of the guide as you darken the lines to create the outside shape of the beak. Draw a long line in the middle of the shape for the mouth and a shorter line at the top for the nostril.


Draw Pileated Woodpecker 9

Step 9: Use the initial circle as a guide to draw the woodpecker's crested head. Follow the path of the circle as you darken the lines but add an extra bump on the upper left side for the crest. The crest is similar to a triangle with a rounded top. Use quick, short strokes for the feathery texture. Draw a line above the eye using quick, short strokes for the color separation of the red crest.

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