Draw Armadillo 15

Step 15: Draw four curved, vertical lines across the middle of the body. This will be a nine-banded armadillo, but start with four lines first to break up the process.


Draw Armadillo 16

Step 16: Now draw the remaining five bands across the armadillo's torso to make this a nine-banded armadillo. Nine is the typical number of bands, but some nine-banded armadillos have more, and some have fewer. You could also make this a three- or six-banded armadillo, but then you'd have to make other changes, like smaller ears and a shorter snout.


Draw Armadillo 17

Step 17: Now darken the guides on the right side to complete the shape of the armadillo's body.


Draw Armadillo 18

Step 18: Use the short lines on the left side as guides to draw the armadillo's front feet. Follow the basic path of the guide as you make the shape of the foot thicker. Add some triangle-like shapes on the tip for the claws. Use the other short line as a guide to draw the front leg on the opposite side the same way.


Draw Armadillo 19

Step 19: Now use the lines on the right as guides to draw the armadillo's hind feet. Make the base thick and use quick, short strokes for the fur at the top of the legs. Add the other hind leg using the last short line as a guide and don't forget to add the claws.

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