Draw Unicorn 10

Step 10: Draw the unicorn's eye inside the head on the upper right side. The shape of the eye is similar to a less-than sign (<). Shade the inside of the eye except for a tiny section to represent glare. Add a few lines around the eye for extra detail.


Draw Unicorn 11

Step 11: Draw a small oval and shade it in at the tip of the unicorn's muzzle for the nostril. Add a small line next to it.

Draw Unicorn 12

Step 12: Use the initial arc shape as a guide to draw the rest of the unicorn's muzzle. Follow the basic path of the guide as you draw a curved line to represent the top part of the muzzle and the mouth. Add another curved line under the mouth while still using the arc as a guide to create the unicorn's bottom lip and chin.


Draw Unicorn 13

Step 13: Use the small triangle on the head as a guide to draw the unicorn's ear. Draw the ear on the other side too.

Draw Unicorn 14

Step 14: Using a few curved line, draw the front part of the unicorn's mane in between the ears.

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