Draw Frilled Neck Lizard 10

Step 10: Draw the frilled-neck lizard's open mouth using the initial lines as guides. Draw the top jaw by following the basic path of the guides but make the lines rounder as you darken them. Draw the lower jaw the same way. Make the sides of the mouth wavier for a more organic feel. Add a small curved line under the jaw line for the chin.


Draw Frilled Neck Lizard 11

Step 11: Draw a few triangle-like shapes lining the edge of the mouth for the teeth. Add the teeth on the bottom too and a few lines on the sides of the frilled-neck lizard's mouth for extra detail.


Draw Frilled Neck Lizard 12

Step 12: Draw the rest of the head using the initial shapes and lines as guides. Make the top of the head shorter and add a few lines at the bottom for the loose skin.


Draw Frilled Neck Lizard 13

Step 13: Use the big circle as a guide to draw the fanned neck frill. Follow the basic path of the circle but make the line wavier as you darken it for a more organic feel. The bottom part of the frill curves up toward the head. The top right side of the frill should extend above the head a bit.


Draw Frilled Neck Lizard 14

Step 14: Use the lines on the right as guides to draw the front legs. Sketch the shape lightly as you follow the path of the guide. Darken the lines when you get the structure right. Add the toes at the bottom by using a few curved lines. Draw the front leg on the other side using the other line as a guide. Add the long toes at the bottom using a series of curved lines.

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