Draw Bighorn Ram 10

Step 10: Draw the ram's nose on the tip of the arc by using a small slit for the nostril and a curved line from the front part.

Draw Bighorn Ram 11

Step 11: Draw the rest of the ram's muzzle by using the arc as a guide. Draw the mouth to the left of the nose. Follow the path of the arc to draw the top and bottom of the ram's muzzle.

Draw Bighorn Ram 12

Step 12: Darken the arc on the right to create the ram's ear. Add a few lines for the fur inside.

Draw Bighorn Ram 13

Step 13: Use the curved line as a guide to draw the horn. First draw the base of it using quick, short strokes. Then follow the path of the guide as you draw the second curved line around the ram's ear. Draw a longer curved line at the top as you follow the path to make the horn thicker. The horn should wrap around the ram's ear. You can make it bigger if you'd like.

Draw Bighorn Ram 14

Step 14: Draw the rest of the bighorn ram's head using the initial guides. Use quick, short strokes as you draw to represent the furry texture on the head and muzzle.

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