Draw Scarlet Macaw 10

Step 10: Use the initial guide lines to draw a basic outline for the bird's body. Curve the lines at the ends where the individual feathers stick out.

Draw Scarlet Macaw 11

Step 11: Draw the feathered pattern inside the scarlet macaw's wings by drawing a series of curved lines inside. The pattern is made up of simple curves that resemble the letters J or U. Pause the video or use reference to get the pattern of the feathers correct.

Draw Scarlet Macaw 12

Step 12: Use the guide line to draw the tail using the same technique of curved lines.

Draw Scarlet Macaw 13

Step 13: Draw the macaw's foot by using the initial line as a guide.

Draw Scarlet Macaw 14

Step 14: Draw something under the scarlet macaw's feet so it doesn't appear to be floating. A few squiggly lines make a branch.

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