Draw a Cockatiel 10

Step 10: Draw the crest on the cockatiel's head using a series of curved lines. Lightly sketch the shape of the crest first. When you get the structure right, darken the lines. The crests on cockatiels vary in shape and length. Make yours as tall and wide as you'd like. The crest is composed of thin curved feathers. Draw a series of individual curved feathers for the crest. The feather in the front should be the tallest. The remaining feathers should decrease in height gradually. The mood of cockatiels determines the shape of the crest. You can make yours flatter and closer to the head if you'd like.

Draw a Cockatiel 11

Step 11: Use the initial shapes to create the rest of the cockatiel's head. Make the head a bit thinner on the sides as you darken the lines.

Draw a Cockatiel 12

Step 12: Use the initial shapes for the body as a guide to draw the cockatiel's folded wing. Follow the basic path of the outer edge of the guides as you draw the shape of the wing. Sketch lightly at first. Give the shape of the wing a few bumps along the way for the feathers. Darken the lines when you get the structure right. The tip of the wing should stick out of the bird's body a bit.

Draw a Cockatiel 13

Step 13: Draw the bottom half of the wings as a set of curved lines under the cockatiel's body. First draw an arc with a diagonal orientation under the body. The shape should go across the top part of the line for the tail. Now add the visible part on the wing on the other side as well.

Draw a Cockatiel 14

Step 14 (optional): Add a few lines within the cockatiel's wings as extra detail for the feathers. The feathers are made up of small U-shaped arcs throughout the shape of the wing. The curved lines should overlap one another, and they should have a diagonal orientation. Don't draw every individual feather. Just a few for the basic representation of the feathers. The curved lines on the lower part of the wing should be longer and thinner.
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