Draw Smilodon Saber-Tooth Tiger 10

Step 10: Use the initial shapes as guides to draw the top jaw. Draw a curved line as you follow the basic path of the guides to form the top part of the saber-tooth tiger's open mouth. Draw a couple of pointy shapes at the tip of the mouth for the front teeth. Now draw the smilodon's distinctive canines as long, pointy shapes that extend all the way down toward the lower jaw. Make the teeth long but leave room at the bottom to draw the lower jaw. Add the visible part of the canine on the other side too.

Draw Smilodon Saber-Tooth Tiger 11

Step 11: Continue to extend the curved line using the initial shapes as guides to create the lower part of the smilodon's open mouth. Draw a few pointy shapes at the bottom for the bottom row of teeth and a couple of curved lines around them for the gums. Add the chin under the open mouth by following the basic path of the guides. Use quick, short strokes for a fuzzy feel.

Draw Smilodon Saber-Tooth Tiger 12

Step 12: Draw a couple of curved lines to represent the other side of the smilodon's open mouth.

Draw Smilodon Saber-Tooth Tiger 13

Step 13: Add a few lines around the top of the muzzle for extra detail. The curved lines on the saber-tooth cat's muzzle represent the wrinkled skin that gives the smilodon a more ferocious snarl.

Draw Smilodon Saber-Tooth Tiger 14

Step 14: Use the small arc on the head as a guide to draw the smilodon's ears. Add a few quick, short strokes in the ear for the fur.
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