Draw Chameleon 10

Step 10: Draw the outline of the actual eyeball around the eye. First draw a half-formed circle for the outline of the eyeball. Then add more half-formed circles within the eyeball shape for the folds of skin. Add a few small lines between the folds of skin as detail for the scales. Don't draw every individual scale — just a few lines to give the indication of the texture.

Draw Chameleon 11

Step 11: Now draw the chameleon's mouth. Use the arc on the right side as a guide to draw it. Darken the front part of the arc, and then draw a long line that stretches under the eye for the mouth. Draw a small dot on top for the nostril.

Draw Chameleon 12

Step 12: Draw the rest of the head by using the other lines as guides. Darken the front part of the arc to create the chameleon's face. Follow the basic path of the arc on top as you darken the line to create the crest. Add a few lines near the bottom of the chameleon's crest to the left of the mouth for extra details. Draw a few lines above the eye that stretch back toward the head to indicate the crest's bony structure. Some chameleons have horns, so feel free to draw some.

Draw Chameleon 13

Step 13: Now learn how to draw the chameleon's legs. Use the lines on the right as guides to draw them. Lightly sketch the shape of the chameleon's first leg as you follow the path of the line. When you get the structure of the front leg right, darken the lines. Draw the digits in front of the foot. Chameleons have fused digits: two digits in the outer part of the foot and three in the inner part. The three aren't visible because of the perspective. Draw the leg on the other side by using the other line as a guide. Sketch the lines lightly, then darken them once you get the structure right. Add the digits at the end.

Draw Chameleon 14

Step 14: Use the lines on the left as guides to draw the chameleon's hind feet using the same technique. Follow the path of the guide and darken the lines when you get the structure of the leg right. Add the digits at the end of the foot. The arrangement of the toes on the hind legs is opposite of the front. There are three fused outer toes and two inner toes. Finish up the last leg by using the final line as a guide.
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