Draw Harris Hawk 10

Step 10: Use quick, short strokes to shape the hawk's head and neck.

Draw Harris Hawk 11

Step 11: Using the initial line as a guide, draw the Harris's hawk's feet. Draw the thick base of the leg that wraps around the guide line below the bird's body. Then draw the foot by thickening the original guide lines using bumpy lines. Draw pointy talons on the end of each toe. The Harris hawk's left leg is hidden, so just draw a portion of it by modeling it after the first one.

Draw Harris Hawk 12

Step 12: Tighten the shape of the hawk's wings and add detail to them. Draw a series of U-shaped, curved lines and straight lines throughout the wings to represent the bird's feathers. Draw a lot of curved lines and make some overlap each other. Have them face the same direction. Pause the video or use reference to get the feather pattern correct.

Draw Harris Hawk 13

Step 13: Draw lines throughout the hawk's tail for detail.

Draw Harris Hawk 14

Step 14: Shape the rest of the Harris hawk's body by darkening the lines that comprise it.

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